General Questions

Is the fabric included?

The customer should get his/her own fabric; however, I am available to assist in helping to select one should that be necessary. For a small fee I will go with a customer and help since I have a Fashion Design degree and have a good eye for color and what goes with other pieces in the room.

Should I get washable fabric?

That is what the customer should do if he/she wants to eventually launder the slipcover. Some fabrics are already prewashed, but otherwise most cottons such as denim and canvas (duck) wash well and should be washed in hot water and completely dried in the dryer before I cut out the slipcover. If the piece to be covered will not get much use, or there are no pets or children to possibly soil the cover, dry cleaning is always preferred since laundering removes the stain repellent finish.

Do you make separate cushions?

Yes, all cushions are covered separately, and have heavy duty nylon zippers, and welting if that is desired.

I don't see my style of furniture on your site, can it still be slipcovered?

Most furniture can be slipcovered. However, recliners do not make up well since the movement of opening it up causes the cover to slide around. Leather can be slipcovered if a fabric is selected that doesn’t slide around on it. Pieces that have exposed wood can still be covered; I can add sheet batting to build up over it. Please call with any questions.

What is the difference in the style of cushions?

The custom box style has boxing around the entire cushion with a separate top and bottom. The zipper is on the back and half way around each side.
The soft box style has a top and bottom with a released tuck at the front corners to create the box form. The zipper opens on the back and half way around the side
The wrapped style has the top front and bottom in piece with the side boxing and the zipper opens on the back.

Can I use my own fabric?

The customer is responsible for purchasing their fabric and I can be available to assist in their decision. I can go to the fabric store with a customer and pick out what wears well (and washes well–important if you want to frequently wash your covers).
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What if I want a snug or loose/shabby chic fit?

Custom means that you can have whatever fit appeals to you. Traditional fabrics usually require a more snug, neat fit while shabby chic covers are typically relaxed and looser.